Sirane launches eco-friendly and cost-effective salmon board

Sirane Group has launched a new eco-friendly, recyclable salmon board developed to offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional boards.

Earthboard Eco boards have been engineered to provide identical performance as the traditional boards, in a format which is easily recycled – but crucially, they are comparable cost-wise with the plastic-coated boards commonly used on the market.

The company also developed a range of pearlescent water-based coatings to supply gold, silver and black boards. Sirane can also manufacture them in any Pantone colour, subject to minimum orders.

Sirane Group director of board products Ross Griffin said, “Salmon boards are used in the millions on a weekly basis, and the majority of boards in the market are not recyclable, as the plastic coatings on the boards mean that they invariably end up in a landfill. A few years ago, we introduced a recyclable board, and whilst popular, it was not cost-effective and only available in specific colours.

“Earthboard Eco addresses both of those issues. This is a recyclable board, cost-effective when compared with traditional boards, and available in the same colours which have been used in the market for these products for years. It’s kerbside recyclable kerbside, plastic-free, and we are using only water-based coatings.”

Traditional salmon boards use a metallised polyester layer, which cannot be separated from the board. This means the board can be neither recycled nor composted.

Earthboard Eco is one of the first significant developments from the company’s multi-million-pound investment in a new board division that opened in early 2022 close to its existing site in Telford, UK.

The same boards can also be used for vacuum-packed meats and charcuterie.

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