WPO board meeting goes virtual in 2020

The World Packaging Organisation (WPO) has turned its in-person board meeting, which was programmed to happen in South Africa, into a virtual version via Zoom.

From November 23 to 26, about 60 WPO members, representing 50 countries from all around the world, are expected to connect and participating in the agenda below:

  • 23 November – Exec meeting (restricted to the executive members)
  • 24 November – Working groups and Corporate Partner Digital Event
  • 25 November – Board Meeting
  • 26 November – WorldStar judging

During the week, members will also have the chance to participate in working groups activities around sustainability, education and marketing, and the corporate partner program.

“We are planning every single detail to do the best virtual version possible, especially to keep the warm friendship that is so important in WPO presencial meetings,” WPO president Pierre Pienaar said.

“But we know that some of the participants will be impacted by the time zones, some more than others. This is unusual times that calls for unusual actions with unusual sacrifices. So, I implore all members to do their best and participate as much as possible.

“Important decisions should be taken and we will also be judging the 2021 edition of WorldStar, our global packaging competition.”

This meeting will also host the upcoming WPO President elections (2021-2023) in which Pienaar is a candidate for re-election.

“As the time for our meetings will be limited, in comparison usual WPO board meeting, there will be no presentations, only slots for short discussions and voting,” Pienaar added.

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