Simple skincare to adopt eco-friendly packaging

Taking a step towards becoming environmentally-friendly, Simple skincare has announced that it will be using recycled plastic in all of its packaging.

The company said the move follows the launch of its biodegradable makeup wipes.

“It took us five years to deliver a wipe that our Simple consumers would love. We understand the detrimental impact of single-use plastic products on our planet and we’re mindful the face wipe trend (a core product across many of our brands, including Simple) has contributed to this,” a Simple spokesperson said.

“At the core of the Simple brand is kindness to your skin, people and our planet. Therefore, we knew it was time for us to lead the way and address this incredibly pressing societal issue.”

The move is also a positive step for its parent company Unilever, which recently made several changes to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

“The Simple brand has a focus on Clean Beauty and Kindness. As a part of clean beauty, the Simple brand is trying to be more sustainable (via a pack transformation journey to avoid waste and/or include more recycled plastic), more ethical (PETA accreditation), free-from claims, and natural hero ingredients, where appropriate,” the spokesperson said.

“Our pack sustainability journey demonstrates kindness to planet, while kindness to communities will be activated in social channels to “make kindness infectious”.

The new packaging is expected to be made with recycled plastic.

“The bottles will be fully recyclable – we’re working towards 100 per cent recycled content as well,” the spokesperson said.

“Sustainability is at the core of new packaging option. As we introduce new products we are looking for opportunities to use recycled content and designing our packages to be recyclable”.

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