Companies in need of Australian packaging

Australian beauty brands Jax Wax and InSkin Cosmetics are importing their materials from overseas companies, citing a poor selection of packaging options in Australia.

For Jax Wax and InSkin Cosmedics, pricing is a major challenge, actives can increase as much as 50 per cent without notice, freight costs go up and pricing is further influenced by the fluctuation of the currency.

These costs are often absorbed by us given we cannot change our pricing as often as costs go up,” says, Inskin Cosmedics CEO and founder, Maria Enna-Cocciolone.

“Our brands will not buy from China hence we pay top dollar for packaging out of Korea and Italy.”

With ingredients and packaging both being imported from overseas, the time frames are often difficult to predict.

“The other hidden challenge is time frames in relationship to receiving both packaging and ingredients from overseas. This can vary from three months to as much as nine months,” says Enna-Cocciolone.

“Until actives and packaging are in our hands a lot of the process is out of our control which makes manufacturing in Australia a major challenge at times.”

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