Beauty Companies are Moving into Sustainable Packaging




The green beauty trend is a fundamental shift that is coming into effect but beauty experts are saying sustainability at the forefront of the beauty industries priorities.

Speaking with Professional Beauty, Brand and Business Strategic Consultant, Olivier Duvillard and Simone Vescio say, “Sustainability and the green trend is here to stay, it doesn’t mean there is only room for natural products. A mix of corporate responsibility and natural beauty is a trend coming up across all channels.

“We always work around our formulations to ensure they’re clean and biodegradable and will leave a positive ecological footprint at the end of the day for the next generation. That comes through right from the packaging to formulation what what we do in our office day to day.”

Challenges that tanning brands and other successful professional cosmetics brand is that their product not only needs to perform and deliver on its promised results but the product needs to be good for you and on the planet.

“This new standard is requiring brands to innovate when it comes to adding more beneficial ingredients, removing anything nasty and doing more when it comes to eco-friendly packaging,”  says Matt Williams, Managing Director Sunescape.

Skincare brands manufacture their products and by obtaining ISO accreditation and GNP guide them into really good practices.

“Sustainable skin care, sourcing our ingredients from like minded businesses and always being in line with those best practices makes a big difference for us,” says Alpha-H Founder, Michelle Doherty.

“What I see coming into the forefront is more refillable packaging.”

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