Alternative Packaging Methods for Wine.

Australian Vintage Limited is investigating different packaging methods, such as the ‘wine in cans’ trend to connect with a millennial audience.

Cameron Ferguson Australian Vintage Limited COO says, innovation is critical to meeting one of the category’s major challenges – bringing younger consumers of legal drinking age into wine.”

“At our median packaging facility we’ve installed a new state of the art potting line, which is one of the most technologically advanced lines not only in Australia, but globally.”

Ferguson claims that the rise of the Rosé trend is showing no signs of slowing down, with consumers selecting different options of wines by their packaging.

“As the consumer palate continues to evolve, we’ll see new and emerging varietals play an ever-increasing role in the retail landscape.”

In a bid to connect with a millennial consumer, McWilliams Wines claims have a great affinity with the brand and what it offers their drinking occasions.

“Consumers are showing with their shopping dollars that the fruit driven style of Rosé is not off their agenda. A wine like Mateus is easy drinking, approachable and diverse making it the perfect style for the new wave of wine creationism such as cocktails and spritzes. This is a prospect we are really excited about sharing with a new audience just in time for summer,” says McWilliams Wines Group and Head of Marketing, Sarah Nichols.  

Dean Carroll, CEO of BFWG says, “There is still more knowledge to be gained on the best way to merchandise alternate packs such as cans and we work closely with our customer partners to gain insights in this space and help shoppers navigate the opportunity.”

Ferguson comments the influences when catering to younger consumers that are looking for exploration.

“Outside of sparkling, most consumers don’t get into wine until their mid to late 20s – so we’ve got a job to do to transition consumers from other alcohol categories into wine. Innovation around pack format, style and varietal can have some influence here.”

“Alternate pack formats in general can play a key role in driving true growth in the category although the creation of new consumption occasions. As such we’re actively investigating not only wine in cans but Tetra Pak and no glass options.”

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