Grey Goose Launches Limited Edition Packaging


Grey Goose has introduced a limited edition Riviera bottle to celebrate the brand’s french heritage.

Illustrated by Quentin Monge, the bottle is inspired by the evocative image of the blue and white parasols in France.

“When you see these by the seaside, it means you are on holiday. His idea was to take an iconic brand like Grey Goose and work to create another icon with it, and i think he has nailed it with the parasol. It just says summer and it says “Riveria”. For us it is about accentuating our main colour, which is blue and using that icon nature to create something special.” says Grey Goose Global Brand Ambassador Joe McCanta.

Being a French Vodka, Grey Goose likes to reiterate their product is distilled in France with links to their french heritage on their packaging.

“Made with French wheat, everything is made in France and being able to evoke that is a key thing in packaging.”

“There is something special about the way the french spend their summers on the Riviera. There’s nothing like coming off the beach after a long, hot day to enjoy a refreshing Grey Goose cocktail.”

“For me the parasols represent one of the essentials when it comes to a beach holiday and immediately made me think of summertime and the crowded beaches”

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