Amcor launches next-generation bottle technology named PowerPost

Amcor Rigid Packaging (ARP) has launched PowerPost, a new bottle technology that is up to 30 per cent lighter and can be made with 100 per cent recycled material.

By actively displacing the vacuum in the container after filling, the company said the solution has 30 per cent energy reduction and 30 per cent carbon savings over most 20 oz (600 ml) bottles available.

It also provides a superior consumer experience – no more spills from overflow when consumers first open their beverage.

PowerPost is made for hot-fill beverages and builds on Amcor’s patented, vacuum-absorbing technology PowerStrap.

The PowerPost base has two key technologies: an invertible, central post that actively displaces vacuum, and PowerStrap, the flexible ring surrounding the post. After filling, the post is inverted to actively displace vacuum inside the container and, as the product cools down, the surrounding ring flexes to passively absorb any remaining vacuum.

By eliminating the vacuum panels, PowerPost offers increased design freedom, premium appearance and consumer appeal, while addressing sustainability goals. Eliminating the panels in the body also drives operational improvements at the fillers. Bottle labels are applied more efficiently.

“Our engineers have developed technology that pushes the boundaries of lightweighting in the hot-fill arena to help our customers meet their cost and sustainability needs,” ARP sustainability and project management vice-president of R&D Terry Patcheak said.

“This next-generation innovation will improve the consumer experience while addressing widespread commitments to reduce material use and lower greenhouse gas emissions.”

With its pledge to develop all its packaging to be recyclable, compostable or reusable by 2025, Amcor said it is always innovating to provide customers a more sustainable bottle.

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