Mateus launches new bottle for Millennial


Mateus has updated its packaging to appeal with the Australian millennial audience the company claims has have a great affinity with the brand and what it offers their drinking occasions.

“We feel that this sleek new packaging will not only make the brand more relevant to them but also bring long-term fans along with the brand to make their occasions all the more elegant.”  Says McWilliams Wines Group & Head of Marketing Sarah Nichols.

“Mateus has consistently been one of the top performing Rosé for volume in the Australian market for over 20 years,” Nichols added.

According to Nicols, the new bottle design is an elegant new take on the iconic cantil bottle shape that Mateus is famous for and helps to make the brand more relevant to a new millennial audience.

“Consumers are showing with their shopping dollars that the fruit driven style of Rosé is not off their agenda. A wine like Mateus is easy drinking, approachable and diverse making it the perfect style for the new wave of wine creationism  such as cocktails, spritzes, etc. This is a prospect we are really excited about sharing with a new audience just in time for summer.”

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