Coopers sees Significant Opportunity in Cans


Coopers Ale takes advantage of cans as a new versatile and convenient format

Cans are no longer solely chosen based on occasions, they’re not preferred vessel for many consumers particularly Ale drinkers.

“WIth increasing consumer demand for a can format, now is the right time to release a our flagship product in a can,” says Coopers Sale and Marketing director Cam Pearce.

The demand for beer in cans has accelerated over the past few years with cans appealing to a wider audience and also for those occasions where drinkers are looking for the versatility and convenience that a can format offers.

“The Coopers Ale can portfolio is a significant opportunity as we see the can format in strong growth.”

Pearce says the the release of the limited edition beers remains a live option while new packaging options continue to be explored.

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