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Australasian Labels Industry Report Shows Two-Speed Category

The inaugural Durst Oceania and 2023 Labels State of the Industry Report shows there are two types of businesses in the category – the haves and the have nots.

LabelExpo Asia 2023 Promises New Press Technology

Labelexpo strategic director, Andy Thomas-Emans previews Labelexpo Asia to be held in Shanghai next week.

How Does A Plastic Tax Change Packaging: Report

Smithers has released a report analysing the shift in demand for more sustainable packaging designs, particularly for consumer goods packaging driven by the introductions of various plastic taxes.

Whatakane Mill Completes $100M Expansion

Whakatane Mill Limited (WML), the only folding box board mill in Australasia, has successfully completed a $100m expansion upgrade of its paper machine and associated groundwood plant.

Opal Fibre Packaging Woodonga Opens $140 Million Packaging Facility

Opal has opened its $140 million corrugated cardboard packaging facility in Wodonga. Stage one of the construction supported 195 construction…

Customer Needs Drive Innovative Solutions for Trimatt Systems

Trimatt Systems cuts its own path through digital printing market.

Detmold Group Invests In Solar To Cut Emissions

The Detmold Group is increasing its environmental sustainability focus, with the first of its multiple facilities flicking the switch to solar energy.


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Nestlé wraps kitkat in recycled soft plastic

Nestlé has increased its use of recycled plastic in select KitKat wrappers to 90 per cent, claimed to be an Australian first and the highest proportion used in soft plastic by any major food brand in the country.