Zero Co launches 100 per cent recycled toilet paper

Zero waste company Zero Co has introduced its latest member of its plastic-free family, with the launch of a 100 per cent recycled toilet paper.

“Not only is this toilet paper free from plastic wrap, it’s made from super soft (hello 3ply), 100 per cent recycled paper, which means it’s gentle on your tushy and gentle on the trees,” the company said.

According to Zero Co, most toilet paper is made overseas from brand new paper and comes wrapped in single-use plastic that will end up in landfill, or worse the ocean. 

“That’s why we’ve made toilet paper that’s rolled, wrapped and boxed right here in Australia, in a family-owned facility in Sydney. It’s free from inks, dyes, BPA and chlorine, and gets delivered to you 100 per cent plastic free,” it said.

In April last year, the company launched a new range of body products that aims to eliminate single-use plastics.

The new range utilises single-use plastic free products with packaging manufactured from recycled materials, including what it calls ‘Ocean Bound and Landfill Plastics’ or OBL for short.


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