WPO to present WorldStar Awards during interpack

World Packaging Organisation (WPO) has confirmed that the 228 winners of the WorldStar 2023 Awards will be presented during a Gala Ceremony on May 6, during interpack, in Düsseldorf, Germany. This includes 19 winning entries from Australia and New Zealand.

In a record edition, the award registered 488 entries from 41 countries. The top five most awarded countries are Japan – 26; Australia and New Zealand – 19; India and Germany – 18; Turkey – 14; and Austria – 13. 

“These numbers confirm that WorldStar is the most prestigious and important packaging award in the globe. And there is no better place to award all this incredible packaging than interpack, the major packaging show in the world,” WorldStar coordinator and WPO vice-president of events Soha Atallah said.

The 2023 edition is also unique due to the introduction of two new main Categories – Gift Packaging and Digital Packaging – and one new Special Category – Accessible Packaging. 

WPO senior vice-president of marketing Luciana Pellegrino added, “With these and all the other categories, WorldStar echoes the importance of packaging innovation on a global level, fostering science, technology and innovation, recognising and encouraging packaging professionals to go beyond and engaging brands, packaging companies and design offices for greater possibilities”.

“We continuously encourage every WPO member across the globe to promote the largest and most prestigious global packaging award. Promoting WorldStar, each member promotes the best packaging in its own country, globally, which means an incredible contribution to the sustainable and continuous development of the packaging industry,” WPO president Pierre Pienaar said.

Packages eligible for WorldStar Awards are those that have already received a national or regional packaging award from a packaging competition that is recognized by WPO during the last two years. 

“As always, our aim is to promote packaging innovation in various sectors, proving that a good package can be an essential solution to many of the modern problems, especially sustainability, food waste and extending the shelf life of food and agricultural products. That’s why we encourage all the companies from around the world to benefit from this global opportunity to promote their packaging by competing with the best of the best packaging innovation on a global scale,” Atallah said.

The complete list of winners is available on WorldStar or WPO web pages. The registration to participate in the Gala Ceremony is now open for packaging professionals. 

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