WPO names WorldStar Student 2020 Award winners

The World Packaging Organisation (WPO) has revealed the results of the winners for its WorldStar Student 2020 Awards.

Beating 219 entries, Ojo, a solution-oriented nail polish bottle for the risk of spillage and contamination in daily use of nail polish from Turkey took home the gold award.

Ojo provides an ergonomic grip with its thin neck, while the circular rim protrusion due to the original structure of the bottle form allows it to hold on the finger.

This way, while applying nail polish, the user does not have to place the nail polish bottle anywhere, without resting or needing a holding apparatus it provides individual use by being passed between their fingers.

In addition, its symmetrical structure makes it easier to shake ergonomically, and instead of a flat or right angled form, it provides the opportunity to use the nail polish until the last drop with its conical structure that narrows downwards.

Honey extruder, an innovative, functional and 100 per cent sustainable dosing bottle of honey from Spain won silver. The beehive inspired design features a mechanism that provides the information of the exact amount of honey extracted. Moreover, its anti-drip system is activated at every dispense cycle.

A pen box from Turkey designed to increase the use of fibreboard in everyday life (it can be used as a tabletop pen holder to move items with us, store them, and also to prevent clutter on the table) won the bronze award.

“These projects demonstrate the potential of the new generation in creating good packaging,” WPO president Pierre Pienaar said.

“As I always say, each day it becomes more important to encourage the youth to understand and participate in the world of packaging.

“With them aware of the benefits and the contributions that good packaging can give to the society and to the environment, we can be guaranteed of a sustainable world for all.”

Entries to the 2021 competition are soon expected to open online, on 1 May.

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