Why does Level Lemonade have such unusual packaging?

Small beverage company, Level Beverages, has found ways to separate themselves from the other major players in the beverage market.

Manager Director Asia Pacific, Chris Graebner, says “packaging isn’t just for transport, but also for shelf impact and from the Arizona Ice tea, I know it raises just enough interest, ‘What is this?’ You’re half way to a sale”.

“When I came up with the Level Lemonade drink, I tried to come up with some brand insignias that are unique enough, and also with the packaging that has a couple of stand out features.”

In comparison to major players in the beverage market, the most economical packaging is a significant factor in the process of design.

The most economic format for a beverage are cans, but Graebner says that the downside of a can is you can’t see the product.

“It is appealing to soft drink drinkers, to people who drink a lemonade, if there is a Solo or Lift drink out there, he can see the liquid, you know what’s coming, you know this is the corridor of drink and its going to be okay.”

“These [Level Lemonade] you can stack all the way up onto the ceiling, therefore gives you the logistical benefits of a can. Arizona bottles you can’t stack, because they’re narrow and they’re expensive to bring them over.”

Level Beverages knows their competition for the prime shelf space is dominated by the bigger companies and level’s expectation of their drink being either on the top or bottom shelf.

Therefore, with the Level logo being exposed on the lid, the closure of the bottle plays a key role in the products shelf impact when grasping the attention from consumers.

“You start your life somewhere down there in the fridge, and you’ve really got to you’re your way up because up there is premium real-estate. You can not count on having full facial exposure. Like the Arizona, it’s interesting enough, that’s where the functional of the lid comes in.”


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