Labelexpo: Kurz features its DM-Uniliner 2D digital embellishment machine

Kurz has taken to Labelexpo Americas to showcase its DM-Uniliner 2D digital embellishment machine, which is a stand-alone metallisation unit for brilliant 2D effects on labels.

The digital embellishment unit, which is independent of printing systems and equipped with inkjet technology, was designed for the narrow-web sector. The special feature – metallisation – can be applied in pre-print or post-print processes.

The overprinting of the metallised designs or holographic structures creates a variety of iridescent colour and light effects.

The DM-Uniliner 2D transfer machine aims to offer maximum flexibility in terms of finishing time – for smooth, fast processes with low amounts of waste. Its performance and process reliability are specifically tailored to industrial requirements, so that finishing, even of the shortest runs, always remains profitable.

Depending on the substrate, the DM-Uniliner 2D can process up to 75 roll meters per minute. Roll diameters up to 800 mm enable long running times without roll changes. The designs to be finished can be metallised either before the overprinting process or afterwards.

The stand-alone unit is therefore predestined for the finishing of web labels.

In addition, the KURZ Multi-Use function is also available in the DM-Uniliner 2D as up to three transfer runs are possible depending on the design – for maximum usage of the metallisation layer and increased sustainability of the product.

Watch the videos from Labelexpo Americas below for more information:

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