HP and Kurz partner for DM-Jetliner

HP and Kurz have partnered in the creation of the newly launched DM-Jetliner, a solution for digital inline metallisation on paper and label materials, at Labelexpo.

The machine aims to let users transfer metallisation effects onto paper and label materials during digital printing.

The transfer process is said to be integrated seamlessly inline into a digital printing machine – upstream from the digital colour printing.

Once the foil is applied with a UV-curing adhesive to the unprinted substrate, the PET carrier is removed, and the substrate can be overprinted within the printing machine.

Kurz digital foiling global business development manager Simon Rumble said the solution harnesses the full benefits of Digital Metal, Kurz’s all-in-one solution.

“Digital Metal blends machine, appropriate foil solutions and ink together into efficient real metal enhancements,” he said.

“It’s a pre-print technology; we’re applying foil to the substrate before the print engine. Metallic colours can be achieved by printing CMYK, thanks to Electro Ink from HP.

“For those in labeling, Digital Metal, the DM-Jetliner and customised foil-based solutions open up new perspectives and interesting new fields of business ready to be fascinated brilliance, quality resolutions and uncomplicated overprinting.”

According to Rumble, HP’s market leadership in digital label printing was the reason behind the partnership.

“The company is a market leader, so it just made sense for us to align ourselves with HP.”

HP Indigo Asia Pacific and Japan graphics solutions business labels business manager Yoav Lotan said the machine allows more flexibility with embellishment.

“A lot of our label customers are looking to do these kinds of applications. We’re all into selling solutions, not products. This partnership, along with our other industry partnerships show that we can address all our customers’ needs,” he said.

“It’s easy to invest in a digital press, but you need to have a good business plan on how to fully capitalise it. You need to know who your customers are, how you’re going to sell to them using digital values, and how analog and digital can actually compliment each other to grow your business.

“So, by working alongside our experienced partners, we now have the best of all worlds to offer.”

At Labelexpo, Kurz also launched its Lumafin technology, which is a semi-transparent enhancement for high-gloss accents with heightened spot effects.

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