Labelexpo: Karlville puts its K3 Plus shrink sleeve seaming machine on display

Converting and packaging machines supplier Karlville put its K3 Plus shrink sleeve seaming machine on display at the recent Labelexpo Americas tradeshow in Chicago.

The new Plus series is one of the most advanced seamers in the industry. Karlville said this is the third generation of seamers which eliminates the forming tool.

This new design makes the most operator friendly machine available, facilitating training with an automated machine. The difference between a K2 and a K3 model is that the K2 utilises a brake on the unwind, whole the K3 is motorised.

The machine has three tension zones, which allows for a dedicated tension zone for the forming section for better lay flat control. The unwind tension zone is now free to add innovations like laser integration or pin hole perforation while the film is flat.

The Plus also offers a long list of advantages that aims to solve the issues that come with the previous generation of machines that use forming tools. This new machine promises to revolutionise the way shrink sleeves are converted.

Karlville has support facilities in US, Europe, and Asia, servicing a global customer base. It is available locally from Currie Group.

The company’s Peter Fernandez spoke to at the tradeshow about the K3 Plus. Watch the video below:

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