Roland debuts new VersaUV print and cut machine at Labelexpo

Roland has showcased, for the first time, its VersaUV LEC2-300 print and cut machine at Labelexpo.

The VersaUV LEC2-300 is a UV printer, together with sharp, precision contour cutting capabilities. The new unit replaces an older model, the VersaUV LEC-330.

It works for one-off and short-rum production of custom labels, decals, prototypes and one-of-a-kind personalised items with a premium-look on a wide variety of media.

The Eco-UV ink used by the unit is designed to adhere to a broad range of media, including adhesive sheets for stickers and labels, special PET or PVC-based substrates, and textiles, Japanese paper, leather, tarpaulin sheet, etc.

The device can also automatically counter cut any shape printed around graphics, photos or text to produce adhesive labels, stickers, and custom-shaped displays without using a die punching machine.

Combined with a new multiple print function and new precision media take-up system, high volume lots are expected to be printed efficiently without added operation.

“This new unit comes with a new print head and LED lamps for high definition printing. The machine can print faster than its predecessor and has better curing because of a more powerful UV curing lamps,” Roland product specialist Nadia Plomp said.

“Here at Labelexpo, we’re targeting the labels market with the new product but any user of the current UV machines has an advantage of using this machine. It caters to both smaller and larger sized companies across any vertical.

“Smaller companies can do their complete production runs on it, while larger companies can do their special runs with special effects on it, like micro-runs, for example.”

The newly developed print head is optimised for precisin ink delivery and control. The more powerful LED lamps cure ink for adhering to the media in shorter time, resulting in high precision reproduction of graduations and other details.

The new print has and LED lamps also help to increase ink density.

Furthermore, by optimising the LED lamps’ position, the LEC2-300 produces high quality images in bi-directional printing mode for increased productivity, as compared to the LEC-330.

In addition to CMYK, the LEC2-300 can be used with clear and white ink configurations.

The new unit also allows for design data to be output from a computer to the LEC2-300 via the bundled RIP software.

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