HP debuts Indigo Digital Print Pavilion at Pack Print international

In meeting market trends, HP has inaugurated its Digital Print Pavilion at Pack Print International.

The company used the trade show to showcase the work of 10 of its partners that have leveraged on the capabilities of HP machines and the digital offset process to bring to market their creative solutions.

HP Asia-Pacific and Japan Indigo and PWP graphics solutions business South East Asia marketing manager, Norman Lim, said the move was to reflect the Thai market’s needs and show the end products of what their machines can achieve, rather than showcasing the machines themselves.

“if you look at the last few Pack Print shows for digital printers or offset printers, the machines themselves are showcased, with he addition of finishing solutions to show customers a complete solution,” he said.

“But what we decided to do this time around, which is different from all our competitors, is actual jobs that we have done that are out in the Thai market today. At the end of the day, the attendees of the show want to see how they can be profitable and generate more sales through different jobs and applications.

“In the digital printing world, we are known for very little wastage and creative personalisation and customisation solutions. So, we wanted to showcase that in this pavilion.”

Lim mentioned that the pavilion marks the direction that the company is heading towards.

“We first target the big brands in any company. We need to ensure the prints of any brand is true, which means that they need the pantone range to be as close as possible to the brand’s colours. So, digital would be the right fit for them,” he said.

“In addition to those companies, pharmaceutical is huge for us, as is food and packaging and FMCG.

“Customers’ experience are shifting from physically going to buy products to now using ecommerce. So, to improve a customer’s experience, especially when they are consuming more of digital, the first contact point with a product is very important, and this is packaging.”

Lim also mentioned that the Thai market is key to the company’s growth in the South East Asian region.

“Thailand’s local market is huge. It also does a lot of export to the rest of South East Asia and Asia-Pacific. In the last few years, our products have been more popular in labels and packaging in this country,” he mentioned.

“For this region, our HP Indigo 6900 and HP Indigo 20000 digital presses are popular. They’re good quality prints for labels. In this show itself, we have closed a handful of deals with some companies from commercial printing and carton folding.”


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