Esko gives future roadmap

Open house held in Melbourne gave customers insight on new products, and where the company is moving towards.

Esko held its first open house session at its site in Melbourne, with more to come from the workflow, hardware, and integrated software specialist.

Demonstrating where the company has made gains, and where it is investing its R&D, those in attendance were treated to a preview of what is to come from the company at drupa.

As Scott Thompson, regional marketing and channel manager, Esko, explained to ProPack at the event, “These sessions are all about our customers. We do not come up with ideas, then go to the customer saying, ‘we’ve done this, and this is how you will use it.’

“We ask, what do you as a customer need? What are the pain points that you’re having? That is where we invest our time and money.

“We are making sure that when we do spend time in R&D, that we are building, developing and improving our solutions that address those issues.”

New products are set to come out simplifying workflow for flexo platemakers, with Esko aiming to simplify the process to a degree where the level of expertise required is significantly lowered.

Design software was also touched on, with attendees registering interest in a new method of securing client design approvals, based in the cloud with simple sign offs.

Thompson continues, “We may move to do some live demonstrations of the software next, also touching on how we’re working and interacting with our other vendors, partners, and sister companies.

“Attendees also get the opportunity to ask questions afterwards, where we can clarify some of the things that they may not understand.”

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