HERMA launches wash-off adhesive in world first

Self-adhesive technology specialist HERMA has developed a world-first adhesive solution that optimises PET, PE and PP recycling for label removal.

Extending its success in PET packaging recycling, Herma has expanded and proved that the 62Rpw adhesive can now be used in PP and PE recycling.

“Currently, polyolefin (PE & PP) packaging is often recycled without the labels being removed, so the recovered material is usually contaminated with printing inks, varnishes and adhesives – not anymore,” the company said.

“HERMA’s innovative wash-off label adhesive 62Rpw removes this major hurdle for genuine recycling of PET, PP and PE (polyolefin) based packaging.”

The solution ensures that labels can be washed off again without leaving any residue – so that materials can be sorted out of the recycling stream with the adhesive and printing inks no longer impacting material quality.

HERMA mentioned that until now, there has been no solution for PP and PE (polyolefin) packaging.

The HERMA 62Rpw adhesive offers the attributes of reliable adhesion and good resistance to the effects of moisture. Regular industrial cleaning processes are now capable of removing it without a trace because of its multi-layer technology.

The special middle layer enables the adhesive to bond securely with the label thus allowing its entire removal from the PET, PE and PP packaging.

“Successfully transforming used drinks, food, personal care, cleaning and chemical bottles and containers into new ones is no longer a vision, but a reality,” it said.

“Used with PET bottles, as well as PE and PP packaging, the special wash-off label adhesive 62Rpw enables recycling operators to produce high-purity pellets that do not contain any detrimental residues – no remains of paper, film labels, printing inks and no residual adhesive.

“The wash-off adhesive 62Rpw makes PET and PE and PP recycling simple, efficient and affordable because it aids the complete and quick removal of the labels during washing as part of the recycling process. Another step to a sustainable future is now taken.”

HERMA products are distributed in Australia and New Zealand by the Result Group of Companies.


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