Amcor unveils new Quantum technology for PET

Taking a step towards reducing weight in packaging, Amcor Rigid Packaging has developed a two-step, lightweighting technology that eliminates more than 50 per cent of the material and weight in the finish of the bottle.

The new Quantum technology for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles aims to deliver sustainability benefits, lowers cost, and improves packaging appearance, according to Amcor.

By removing more than 50 per cent of the material and weight from the finish, Amcor said the new Quantum technology reduces manufacturing costs and GHG emissions, resulting in energy savings and lower carbon emissions compared to bottles with a traditional finish.

Quantum technology also allows for up to 100 per cent recycled material use and provides a superior consumer experience with a more sustainable, fully recyclable package.

“Our customers and consumers alike are looking for ways to support the circular economy and eliminate waste, and our engineers have developed a new technology that meets their needs and advances more sustainable packaging,” Amcor Rigid Packaging sustainability and project management vice president of R&D Terry Patcheak said.

“We’re helping our customers support source reduction, reduce material use and reduce weight, which means a lighter and more sustainable package.”

Initially developed for the spirits industry, the Quantum optimised finish technology can be used for packaging in multiple segments including healthcare, home and personal care, food and dairy.

PET, which has rapidly become the world’s preferred packaging material, is lightweight, shatterproof, reclosable, resealable, reusable, and infinitely recyclable. In addition, PET bottles often have the lowest carbon footprint, and their production results in up to 70 per cent fewer greenhouse-gas emissions than other packaging materials, according to Amcor’s lifecycle analysis.

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