Amcor invests US$3M in PulPac fibre technology

Amcor (ASX: AMC) has invested US$3 million in PulPac, a Swedish company that provides disruptive manufacturing technology for low-cost, high-performance fibre-based packaging.

Amcor is one of several strategic investors in a cross-industry alliance aimed at driving the deployment of PulPac’s technology globally.

PulPac is a pioneering, innovation-led company focused on developing its dry-molded fibre technology for use as a viable, sustainable option for the packaging industry. This solution uses raw materials readily found globally, manufactured using an innovative process that requires significantly less resources, which reduces CO2 emissions by 80 per cent, compared to existing processes.

Amcor said this cross-industry investment will support PulPac’s global commercialisation ambitions, enabling the company to deploy its solutions across markets and provide the potential for applications in its own product ranges.

The alliance with PulPac and investment into its fibre technology also follow the launch of the AmFiber platform earlier this year, through which Amcor aims to redefine the capabilities of traditional paper packaging, and build upon its extensive experience in paper and carton packaging.

Amcor corporate venturing vice-president Frank Lehmann said, “Amcor is committed to developing solutions that meet the needs of our customers, consumers and the environment. Amcor’s investment in PulPac will help to accelerate the global rollout of this innovative technology, as well as support research into its suitability for future applications”.

Using PulPac’s dry-molded fibre technology, Amcor said the shape of products can be optimised for a wide variety of applications, including some that have traditionally not been able to employ a viable sustainable option.

PulPac CEO and co-founder Linus Larsson Green said, “With the backing and support of a partner such as Amcor, we’ll continue to grow our offering and deploy our new packaging across the world. I look forward to working more with our partners and, through collaboration, providing solutions that are more sustainable”.

Amcor is engaged in multiple start-up investment opportunities, supporting their journeys through the sharing of expertise from its own research and development teams, and exploring the potential for joint undertakings.

Recent activity includes strategic investments into ePac Flexible Packaging and PragmatIC Semiconductors, together with seed-funding for two start-ups — Nfinite Nanotechnology and Bloom Biorenewables Ltd — as part of the Amcor Lift-Off initiative, through which seed-stage start-up companies can secure investment of $250,000 toward the development of innovative and sustainable technologies.

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