Zero Co aims to eliminate single-use plastics with new body range

Zero waste company Zero Co has launched a new range of body products that aims to eliminate single-use plastics, asking Australians to join the business in untrashing the planet by making small, incremental changes to daily routines which amount to a massive impact on the plastic problem long-term.

The new range utilises single-use plastic free products with packaging manufactured from recycled materials, including what it calls ‘Ocean Bound and Landfill Plastics’ or OBL for short.

The company said the beauty industry contributes significantly to the plastic problem in Australia, with over 179 million SUP bottles worth of shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and skincare bought from the supermarket each year.

It added that according to the Federal Government’s Waste Report, only 15 per cent of the plastics Australians consume will get recycled, while the remaining 85 per cent go into landfill – meaning 152,150,000 SUP bottles of these body products alone continue to end up in Australian landfills each year.

As such, after making its name in the home-cleaning category, with over 57,000 customers adopting its zero-waste refill model, Zero Co has taken the wraps off a new range of single-use plastic free products – which it says is the world’s first refillable and SUP free liquid shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and roll-on deodorant.

To launch its new body products, Zero Co will be launching a series of initiatives aimed at demonstrating first-hand how small acts can deliver big impact.

Zero Co founder Mike Smith said, “Our community has demonstrated the significant impact that individuals can have on a massive, global problem. Thanks to their support, in the last year and a half, we have removed the equivalent of 803,083 water bottles worth of rubbish from oceans and beaches by funding clean ups around Australia.

“And, thanks to our incredible Pouch Recovery Machine, we’ve stopped the equivalent of 789,325 water bottles worth of rubbish from ending up in landfill.”

Zero Co’s Pouch Recovery Machine has been engineered in Australia, developed to clean and sanitise used refill pouches that are returned by Zero Co customers (for free in a reply-paid envelope).

Once clean, the pouches are refilled with product and sent back out to other customers. This closed-loop refill model allows for zero waste over the customer’s lifetime.

“We need to move towards a circular economy and, by adopting habits or consuming brands that support this movement, you are actively choosing to protect our planet and minimise your footprint,” Smith added.

Zero Co’s new body range has been developed alongside Dr. Kate Forbes, the ex-global head of product at Aesop, who has assisted the team in entering such a competitive market and producing products with top ingredients that are free from silicones, parabens and EDTA.

Dr. Forbes said, “It’s a brilliant concept and one that solves a significant challenge for the beauty industry. The innovative pouch cleaning solution that Zero Co has developed has allowed us to create these products in the liquid format that make it easy for our customers.

“It has been incredibly difficult, but the team have been persistent in creating products that leave no barrier to entry for the sake of planet-friendly.”

The new range expands Zero Co’s line up to 14 personal-care and home-cleaning products, including two newly released fragrances of hand wash and body wash as it looks to diversify its offering to a fast-growing community of customers.

“We hope that by delivering our products carbon negative with the option to subscribe and ensuring their efficacy rivals with supermarket competitors, we can convince everyday Aussies that it is actually really easy to make the switch and start taking small steps towards big change,” Smith mentioned.

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