Pakko updates its IDP platform and launches new quote system

Aussie packaging company Pakko has made some updates to its Interactive Design Platform (IDP), which is an online creative design platform, and launched a new quote system.

The company’s founder Nina Nguyen told that the IDP has been updated to take away the hassle for businesses who want to visually see what their packaging would look like prior to going into production.

“We provide a 3D model of the box to which the user can interact with. So, customers are able to quickly jump onto the IDP platform and enter in their custom size, select their materials, select the box of choice. And from there, they will have the options to insert text, or both logos and images. They also can see the pricing of the design,” she said.

“What we’re trying to do is simplify the user experience by giving them the information immediately. It’s a great tool for people like graphic designers, marketers, and small businesses who want short runs of one to 500 boxes.

“We have one box style at the moment, which is aimed at the e-Commerce industry but we will soon be releasing two more box styles for shipping and pharmaceutical use on IDP.”

As for the new quote system, driven by delivering an exceptional customer experience, the company has launched a new quote system that has all the logics and algorithms in the back end that suits its machineries, the materials that it provides, and the finishing options that’s available.

“Since the global pandemic, we have seen a massive increase in customer requests for packaging. The e-Commerce space is booming. And to keep up with the demands, we needed a faster way of delivering quotes,” Nguyen said.

“Not all quotes get converted; however, we treat every request as if it’s a winner. So, we talk to the customer, we understand the scope and then we fully assess if we’re able to deliver on the job.

“The ultimate benefit of the quote system is to provide customers with an indicative quote – it’s designed to be like an instant quote calculator. Customers simply go on a packaging journey where they are shown a few images and they select what suits them.

“Based on their input, our system will filter out the requirements by showing them the available box type, flutes, board colours, printing options and the finishes available. They will also immediately receive an indicative quote, emailed directly to their inbox.”

Nguyen also addressed Pakko’s plans for 2022, with a focus on technology, innovation, and sustainability.

“One of the lessons that we learnt in the last two years is having the ability to adapt to unexpected changes. And for us, innovation and technology has always been in the forefront of everything that we do. But this year, we are looking deeper into production techniques and scanning, which is through the IDP, where we’re presenting opportunities to be more productive, efficient, and cost effective,” she mentioned.

“As for sustainability, it is at the heart of that brand. When I created Pakko, it was set in our company culture values. We respect the environment, and we respect each other. We buy from local supply chains who are FSC certified, our materials are recyclable, and we work towards the 2025 Packaging Standards.

“We are collaborating and cooperating with businesses and the local community to ensure we reach our goals. I’m proud to be part of an industry that is exploring and implementing sustainable opportunities.”

Since the podcast was recorded, Pakko has also since won the Telstra Best of Business Award in the Progressing Australia category.

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