Sticky Labels and Jet Technologies help FMCG customers meet COVID-19 demands

Australian family-owned label specialist, Sticky Labels, together with Jet Technologies and Screen, has helped its FMCG customers to keep up with major spikes in demand during COVID-19.

Using a Screen GP L350UV+ digital label press from specialist importer and distributor Jet Technologies, the FMCG label supplier has quickly reacted to individual customer needs, such as sudden surges in demand, label changes or promotions, by recently investing in the digital inkjet label printer.

Sticky Labels managing director Justine McEwan said with the Screen GP L350UV+ digital label press, the company is now able to deliver its FMCG customers high quality labels faster as the press is a reliable and flexible automated label production system, which has increased Sticky Label’s efficiency and productivity.

Working in the FMCG space, Sticky Labels receives constant requests from customers who quickly need new labels, label changes, promotions added to labels or increases in label order sizes.

Where in the past, these changes would have taken quite a few hours to set up and cost the customer a lot on plates and set fees, with the L350UV+ it is now able to react quickly to meet customer deadlines and remove the additional costs associated with set up.

“The L350UV+ has been a game changer for Sticky Labels. The digital label press has supported our focus on offering the best customer service and has allowed us to grow alongside our customers, like Natures Organics, who we’ve been working with for 13 years,” McEwan said.

“It has taken our business to a new level and made us more competitive against larger players in the industry.”

Melbourne-based manufacturer of environmentally friendly home and personal care products, Natures Organics said it experienced a 70 per cent increase in demand during the pandemic, which Sticky Labels helped deliver on.

Natures Organic managing director Ted Arlt said the company has seen demand for products such as home cleaning and personal hygiene increase and expects this to go on as the pandemic continues to have a big impact in Australia and beyond.

“As always, Natures Organic’s priority during the sudden growth in demand we’ve experienced as a result of COVID-19 is to maintain the required production and supply levels that grocers, retailers and consumers require,” Arlt said.

“We’ve been successful in achieving that goal thanks to the efforts of the Natures Organics team, as well as our trusted partners including Sticky Labels and Jet Technologies.”

Jet Technologies director Jack Malki said, “As another Australian family-owned business, Jet Technologies is extremely proud to work with both Sticky Labels and Natures Organics for more than 15 years.

“We are also pleased that the L350UV+ digital press we installed at Sticky Labels has positioned them to quickly and efficiently meet the increased demand their FMCG customers have been experiencing throughout COVID-19.”






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