Practimax continues digital transformation with third Durst label press

Malaysian label converter Practimax has installed its third Durst Tau digital label printing press for its newly expanded headquarters. The company is already considering the fourth investment in Durst equipment.

Practimax was founded in 1999 with just three employees and one rotary press and was the first to introduce the Durst Tau 330 digital UV inkjet press in Malaysia in 2013.

After the Durst Tau installation, digital label printing took up to 50 per cent of the company’s production, which was then also operating two Gallus EM280 flexo presses.

Today, nearly a quarter of a century later, the team has grown to more than 100 people manufacturing millions of self-adhesive labels for multinational corporations and well-known retail brands.

The company has recently moved from a 1,200 sqm to a 2,300 sqm production facility, reflecting its significant growth, which motivated the business to invest in another digital press from Durst’s portfolio.

“We have been using Durst technology for the last decade,” Practimax CEO Kate Yap said.

“We currently have three Durst machines. The consistent results and the speed of the Durst machines are fantastic.

“The resolution of the printing is also excellent. It is a digital machine, so we do not need to spend significant time setting it up, which conventional printing requires. With a digital machine, it is just a click away. The quality and colour consistency that the Durst can produce makes our life better as owners of a label-converting business.

“This high-speed, high-quality and high-reliability technology allowed us to produce outstanding quality images with a vivid colour appearance. This Durst technology delivers consistency in quality from the first to the last label and from the first run to subsequent runs, produced over a more extended period.”

“Practimax is the pioneer of digital printing in the country. It now operates three different Durst machines running round the clock and offering different resolutions and speeds,” authorised Durst reseller in Southeast Asia EP Digital regional manager Sean Yap said.

According to Sean, what makes Practimax unique is using digital printing technology to provide product authentication and offer security printing. 

“Compared to conventional machines, digital machines can produce variable printing in a single pass. This is especially helpful for product labels that require running or serial numbers, making it easy to track and trace,” Sean said.

“The after-sales service and support we receive from EP Digital are excellent. The company has a dedicated team and gives us 24-hour technical support. We just need to call them for assistance, and they will come to our facilities within hours to resolve the issue,” Kate added.

“I can see potential further investments, and I am convinced it will be another unit from Durst’s portfolio.”

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