Pact Group starts local production of hand sanitisers

Pact Group has joined the fight against the coronavirus by commencing the local production of hand sanitisers.

Production is expected to be in full swing by mid-April, with the group expected to produce about 2 million units of hand sanitiser per month.

The sanitiser will be packaged in 500ml, 1L, and 2L, as well as in 50ml tubes. All packaging will be manufactured by Pact Group.

Production will take place at one of its Sydney facilities and filling will take place at three other factories in Sydney.

Three of the four sites will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while one will operate 24 hours a day, six days a week.

In addition, to achieve production goals, Pact will increase hours for permanent staff and casual workers.

Pact Group executive general manager of contract manufacturing Greg Beilby was quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald as saying that the company would run production “as hard as we can to meet the need”.

“What I’m really happy about is that we’re able to meet a community need in what is a pretty dire time,” he said.

The company has also responded to recent media reports of retailers setting excessively high prices for these products by calling on them to act reasonably in setting prices to ensure as many consumers as possible can access these hygiene products during this period.

Approximately 95 per cent of the new product is expected to be sold in Australia.

Pact Group group CEO and managing director Sanjay Dayal said, “Those parts of our business involved in the supply of hygiene and cleaning products and goods and services to the grocery market have been responding to the heightened demands of their customers.

“This has required us to divert some of our resources to these areas to ensure we are meeting the expectations of the community and government.”


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