Opal and Mondelez launch limited edition box for Cadbury Roses

Opal has collaborated with Mondelez to develop and produce a limited-edition Cadbury Roses chocolate box, which was launched to coincide with Mother’s Day.

Opal was challenged to create a unique design that would stand out within the chocolate gifting segment, yet ensuring it also celebrated the Cadbury Roses brand equity.

The 689g box features the creative artwork of First Nations Wiradjuri artist, Karen Lee.

Titled, ‘Mandaang Guwu’, which means thank you in Wiradjuri the art celebrates love and connection and is dedicated to nurturing women.

The limited-edition box is a paper-based solution that is 70 per cent lighter than the traditional Roses tin.

“Significant trials were undertaken to ensure the design was fit-for-purpose, without compromising on the aesthetics of the box. The design maximises functionality to ensure distribution efficiency and pallet optimisation,” Opal said.

“Mondelez is able to add 25 per cent more shelf ready packaging per pallet. That is, 320 cartons per pallet versus 256 Cadbury Roses traditional 689g tins per pallet.”

The Cadbury Roses box also takes the brand from a flat standard chest style box instead featuring as a vertical style carton. It demonstrates Opal’s die-cutting expertise and takes advantage of colour contrast and tactile depth with the brand’s iconic rose.

“It generates impactful differentiation to drive greater sales in the retail environment. The design change helped to achieve multiple functions, including ease of displaying and sharing the chocolates, providing a sense of ‘premiumisation’ and creating a sense of occasion during the opening experience,” Opal added.

Other key attributes of the design include:
• A durable double-wall structure that minimises product bowing inherent with a vertical filled high density product
• An elevated die-cut rose feature by creating depth without the need for double-sided printing
• Integrated tamper evident feature without the need for plastic shrink film
• Sustainable design principles including material selection to minimise multiple substrates and keep the box to one material type to aid in the recycling and separation process.

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