Metalprint brings new entry-level spouted pouch filler to Australia

Packaging equipment supplier Metalprint is offering a new version of the Gualapack spouted pouch-filling machine operational for filling eight to 10 bags a minute for one-fifth of the price of the full-sized, 80-pack a minute model.

Originally built to test and prototype new products in the more-mature soft packaging markets of Europe and North America, the smaller version of the Cheerpack spouted pack filler is ideal for smaller businesses in Australia, which don’t have high volume demands.

For co-packing, “It’s a good first step for companies looking to get into  spouted pouches but don’t know where to start,” Metalprint owner Terry Waterson said.

From the dozens of full-sized Cheerpack fillers in Australia, most are held by major food manufacturing businesses and can be prohibitively expensive for smaller packaging businesses, or brands looking to bring the capability in house.

Soft packaging demand will increase as brands seek to meet their sustainability targets. Lightweight soft plastics offer lower carbon emissions from the better transport efficiency, and smaller amount of materials needed.

Waterson noted that wineries across Australia are looking towards the 200ML soft-pouch as a single serve option they can sell, that has a lower environmental cost to produce. That’s especially the case when understanding the pouches can be rated as recyclable.

“The market in Australia is ideal for an eight to 10 pouch per min machine for smaller enterprises and co-packers,” Waterson said.

“Importantly, the packaging and hygiene performance are same as Gualapack’s higher speed Fillers.

“Food companies who want to market mayonnaise, food sauce, gravy, jam, honey in a convenient point of difference packaging format; this filler will enable in house control of their food products or partner with a co packer.

“The new Gualapack Filler means market entry with a very reasonable investment amount of money to be a co-packer partner/supplier to create innovative opportunities in the FMCG arena.”

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