Coca-Cola Australia ramps up recycled plastic movement

Australia is expected to be the first country worldwide to introduce Coca-Cola’s bottles, 600ml and under, in 100 per cent recycled plastic on an ongoing basis.

This includes all of its brands – from Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite to Powerade, Pump and Mount Franklin.

The first in its range to adopt the plastic packaging will be Coca-Cola Classic.

The move is marked through the launch of a TV ad campaign that thanks Australians for recycling and aims to build awareness of Coca-Cola’s move to recycled plastic, its commitment to reduce waste, and help solve Australia’s packaging problem.

It is part of the Coca-Cola Company’s global goal of reducing waste and by 2030, collecting and recycling as many cans and bottles as it sells.

Specifically, in Australia, an announcement was made earlier this year that seven in 10 of Coca-Cola’s range of drink bottles in Australia will be 100 per cent recycled plastic by the end of 2019.

In April, the company announced its largest ever investment in recycled plastic for drink bottles.

Coca-Cola Australia director for sustainability Christine Black said the company is the largest drinks company in the country and has a responsibility to help solve the packaging problem.

“Coca-Cola in Australia has made a significant commitment to investing in recycled plastic, but there is more to do. Australians help every time they recycle a drink bottle,” Black said.

“We want to see a strong, viable recycling industry in Australia and we can play our part by encouraging Australians to recycle and then to use recycled plastic in our bottles wherever we can. By recycling as often as possible, Australians can help us to use recycled plastic in our bottles.

“When a company as large as Coca-Cola… encourages recycling with a commitment to using recycled plastic, our plastic bottles can become bottles again and again.”

The TV ad campaign launches on August 25 and will be screened on TV, cinema and online, in addition to being supported by a wider campaign featuring recycling messages on bottles and lids, out-of- home advertising and recycling activities at the Sydney Cricket Ground at three upcoming games.

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