Markem-Imaje launches hybrid continuous inkjet printer 

Markem-Imaje (MI) has launched the 9750+ continuous inkjet printer (CIJ), providing the flexibility to print standard dark or colour-contrasted codes using dyes or pigmented inks while delivering excellent legibility and permanence.

The new polyvalent ink circuit claimed to be the first of its kind for coding, enables manufacturers to use one printer regardless of ink and packaging, streamlines ink inventory and installed base management.  

This upgrade to MI’s 9750+ follows its global launch last year and forms part of a series of upcoming innovations, including improving sustainability, maximising uptime, and supporting industry 4.0 integration.  

MI product marketing manager Guillaume Montagnat said, “We are enormously proud of the 9750+, which has been designed in direct response to our customers’ needs. For the first time, it allows manufacturers to use one model to code in both dye or pigmented ink. 

“This is the latest innovation from our CIJ team and adds to a portfolio which includes coders which cut VOCs even when using MEK inks. By using the consumable-saving mode, the 9750+ and the 9750 generate up to 35 per cent fewer VOCs.” 

According to MI, CIJ printing is the market’s most popular coding method. Pigment inks are often used for a long-lasting and crisp code or when the desired contrast and legibility are challenging to achieve using a dye.

Traditionally, producing both code types required two types of machines and many different spare parts. The 9750+ MI enables manufacturers to achieve both with one printer model, streamlining maintenance and spare part needs while providing flexibility and lower costs.

Additionally, the 9750+ has been developed to support sustainability goals. Using MEK-free inks can potentially cut consumables and volatile organic compound (VOCs) emissions even more: up to 50 per cent as standard and up to 60 per cent using the consumable-saving mode. Sustainability is further enhanced by allowing the swapping out of individual parts, not entire ink circuit blocks, resulting in less equipment going to landfill.

Alongside the hybrid innovation, the 9750+ can produce text messages of up to five lines, logos, and high-resolution 1D and 2D codes, on a vast array of packaging. 

It features MI’s Intelli’Design concept delivering one of the industry’s highest uptimes, with all key parts replaceable simultaneously, significantly reducing service-related downtime. The Intelli’Inks system enables optimal performance when coding different materials, while Jet Speed Control automatically adjusts ink and printer variables minimising scrap and rework.

The new printer’s Packaging Intelligence Suite powered by CoLOS software allows for accurate, smart and optimised message design and data management across the factory remotely for greater accuracy and efficiency. 

The 9750 + provides easy integration into an Industry 4.0 production line. With an M12 input/output (I/O) connector and compatibility with various industrial communications protocols, the new printer is easy to integrate. It talks seamlessly to other equipment, stopping lines when necessary. 

Finally, MI’s MiVista-connected printer services, powered by a secure Internet of Things (IoT) platform, allow predictive analysis to maximise uptime and achieve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) objectives.

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