Labelexpo: Kocher + Beck launches new GapMaster EM models

Kocher + Beck CEO David Morris was at Labelexpo Americas showing its newly-launched GapMaster EM models. Kocher + Beck is distributed locally through Jet Technologies.

The GapMaster EM and the EM Retrofit models are motorised adjustable anvil systems for accurately adjusting the depth of cut while presses are running.

The machines let users adjust the increments up or down to as small as 0.25 microns if needed. The system also includes a job-saving function and has the ability to set a limit on the range of adjustment allowed. 

The GapMaster EM also features a user-friendly calibration function, as well as a home/start function that the user can set. The EM Retrofit model includes the same capabilities as the EM GapMaster, but can be retrofitted to all existing Kocher + Beck GapMaster units.

Watch the video of David Morris talking about the units here:

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