Graffica sells kit to MIG Packaging and Confeta

Graffica has sold a Century 1450 NS die cutter to MIG Packaging and a 1600PCS 4/6 point Rolam folding box gluer to Confeta, with both companies being repeat customers of the business.

Victoria-based MIG Packaging has installed the die cutter, which is its tenth purchase through Graffica, at its premises.

Graffica director Neil Southerington told Sprinter that MIG Packaging purchased the machine as it was increasing its area of play into the larger packaging format and needed a die cutter that could meet its requirements.

“This Century die cutter is my main product for the larger format packaging. MIG has moved up from the industry standard for general printing and packaging, which is at 106cm. It is now packaging at larger sizes, so this die cutter works suits their needs,” he said.

“It’s a raised machine, so you can get a bigger stack on both ends, in and out. It has triple action stripping, and is able to die cut a range of materials – not just carton board. This particular machine will do anything from lightweight cards, right through to a double wall corrugated material, which is very thick.

“And you can use it on single sheet feed or as a stream feeder, which is conventional for the thinner materials. It can also be configured as a fully-automatic or semi-automatic machine depending on a business’ needs.”

Southerington added that the deal solidifies the companies’ long-standing relationship.

“We go back many years, so there’s an amount of trust there. They’re a large print finishing company in the packaging industry and use many of our products: Datien Guillotines, Window Patching Machine and Smooth 106 Die Cutters, all from Taiwan. The Century die cutter works seamlessly with their other machines. So, everything came together very well and it’s good for us to keep that relationship moving forward,” he said.

The sale to Confeta

Graffica’s folding box gluer sale to food packaging company Confeta was the result of their partnership on a few other projects.

“This particular project saw a need for a very large format folder gluer. It’s a big machine that virtually does all the folding and gluing you wish to do on a machine,” he said.

“Confeta already has folding box gluers, but this machine has got everything else – including hot and cold HSS, which means Confeta can do hot and cold gluing on straight line, crash lock, and on four and six corners.

“The machine is currently in transit to Confeta but upon install, it will be able to utilise the machine to its full capacity pretty early on. I believe they already have work scheduled for this machine.”

Southerington also mentioned that the installs have been keeping the company busy, with more installs expected to come in the months ahead.

“Apart from the initial two or three months of the pandemic, when everything stopped, business has been very good for Graffica – specialising in packaging,” he said.

“We have now installed ten fully auto or semi-auto Century machines in Australia and New Zealand and have a whopping 2300cm hybrid, semi and auto feed machine currently being tested prior to shipping.

“In addition, we have installed a 137cm Datien guillotine machine with a 300cm machine currently in build. The last two months has also seen the installation of two Ameida cutting tables.

“The demand for e-business is proliferating and just about every company that makes something now is in e-Commerce. So, packaging’s high on the agenda for our company direction and we’ll be looking to install more of such machines soon.”

Listen to the full podcast with Southerington here:

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