Gallery: FPLMA Technical Forum and Awards in Melbourne

The Flexible Packaging & Label Manufacturers Association (FPLMA) Technical Forum and Awards recently took place in Melbourne, with the packaging industry coming together to share the latest in trends and technology and an awards ceremony celebrating the best in business.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Tracy Dixon, Trudy Brown, Bernard Labigang (MacDermid Graphic Solutions), Trent Ritson (MacDermid Graphic Solutions), Yujeong An (Catalyst Chemicals), Scott Breaker
The Multi-Color Corporation (MCC) team – Tamara Collins, Ben Wood, Rae Pivac, Sean Capper, Demi, Samaras, Ben Testa, Christina Condos, Adrian Little, Tanya Little
Jamie Weller (Kissel+Wolf), Tony Dalleore (FPLMA), Scott Thompson (Esko) and Brenton King (Hybrid Software)
The Fildes team – Bruce Scott, Mark Reid, Matilda Milligan, Chloe Watson, Ryan Cairns, Caleb Wilson
Craig McCulloch (J&P Flexographics), Gary Jones (J&P Flexographics), Greg Spangler (Gelpack)
Troy Clancy (QLM), Grant Dennis (Sticky Labels) David Reece (Jet Technologies), Scott Thompson (Esko), Christopher Barry (Esko), James Montgomery (Jet Technologies), Jeff Morris (QLM)
The Andrew Kohn team – Cameron Madugalle, Thanh H, Debra Sabin, Lynn Dunn, Tan Pham
Mark Sammut & Jane Griffiths (Gourmet Foods) with the Catalyst Chemicals Team – Yujeong An, Scott Breaker, Yvonne Hackett, Colin Hackett
Paul Garside (Windmöller & Hölscher), Rob Holzinger (Stripsteel), Tim Day (Stripsteel), Ed Car (Brandpack)
Emily Cormack (Collie Print Trust), Mark Easton (Ecolean), Sarah Hearn (Collie Print Trust)
The Result Group of Companies Team – Paul Rushton, Nolene Joiner, Paul Irwin, Michael Dosser, Sonya Dosser
Some entertainment for the evening

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