Future Post doubles recycling capacity with new factory

New Zealand-based company Future Post has celebrated opening its second factory in Blenheim, which will more than double its recycling capacity. 

Future Post is a Kiwi company established with one goal: to divert as much plastic as possible from New Zealand’s landfills and recycle this resource into enduring, sustainable, and environmentally beneficial fence post products.

So far, the company has managed to divert 4,7 tonnes of hard-to-recycle plastic waste from landfill, which equals 100 million milk bottles and 672 million plastic bags. A 125mm by 1.8m post contains about 320 milk bottles and 1200 bread bags’ worth of recycled plastic.

The new factory in Blenheim will allow Future Post to more than double its recycling capability. Also, strategically placed in the Marlborough region, it will give local vineyards and farmers access to sustainable fencing options. 

Future Post founder Jerome Wenzlick said, “What a fantastic day we had to celebrate the opening of our new Blenheim Future Post factory. Exciting times are ahead as we expand recycling capacity and post output in the mainland. We appreciate everyone’s interest and support in making this happen – we’re all doing our bit together.” 

Wenzlick, a fencer and farmer, came up with the idea while attempting to install a fence and found his wooden posts were breaking as he tried ramming them through all the buried waste plastic in the ground. With a passion for the environment, he had the revelation that if he could build a stronger fencepost from waste plastic, he’d also help solve a more significant environmental problem.

According to the company, made entirely from recycled plastic waste, the posts are as robust as timber alternatives and are suitable for a broad range of conventional and specialised applications. Moreover, unlike wooden poles, the plastic versions are almost guaranteed not to break and can be returned to the recycling system at the end of their lifespan.

The Future Post technology is quickly filtering down to New Zealand and Australia’s print and packaging industry. 

Computaleta, one of the industry suppliers, is already offering Eco Dot products, part of the Zero Waste range, allowing Future Post to fully recycle the films and the liners. 

Total Supply has also added Zero Waste initiative products to its portfolio, transforming print and packaging waste into sustainable products with Future Post.

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