Forbidden Foods implements sustainable compostable packaging

ASX-listed company Forbidden Foods (ASX:FFF) has revealed that it is the first Australian snack bar company to implement home compostable wrappers.

With the release of the Blue Dinosaur Custard Bar, it has created a 100 per cent organic, plant-based packaging that has been tested to decompose in home compost bins in 26 weeks, leaving no toxic residues in the soil.

Over time, the company intends to roll out compostable packaging across all existing products in the Blue Dinosaur range.

“With the future of packaging strongly heading towards all home compostable alternatives, major retailers are phasing out single use plastics and some states in Australia are banning their use entirely,” the company said.

“Forbidden Foods believes that the socially active millennials who consume its products will be intermittently demanding this from the brands they consume.

“The company is excited for Blue Dinosaur to be a first mover in this space, with no other brand or product in the FMCG space or in a major grocery making the transition.”

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