Footprint SurePress install sees over 250,000 labels produced

Footprint Printing, based in Mandurah in Western Australia, has already produced more than 250,000 labels on its new Epson SurePress L-4533AW printer since it purchased the machine at PacPrint in June 2022.

The company was a lithographic printer offering design, full colour printing and digital printing, and used to outsource most of its labels work before it got the press. Now, the business has filled a growing niche for high-quality label printing, especially within the wine industry.

Footprint owner James Oldfield said, “We can see that the press will be a profitable venture – I’m really happy that we’ve been able to turn out 48,000 wine labels in just five days, for example, and the press didn’t need anyone to hover over it.

“And working with Fujifilm Business Innovation Australia gives us the confidence that our move into label printing is technically well-supported.”

Resources from all over Australia were pulled in to support Footprint with the install.

Fujifilm Business Innovation Australia solutions specialist Dan Tann said, “Our team of national specialists, technical support and technicians from Epson Australia and Fujifilm Business Innovation Australia rallied behind the customer to ensure the press has worked flawlessly from day one – which it has”.

The installation, bedding down and commissioning process took two weeks. In the second week, the press started to produce a few small-run jobs while Oldfield learnt the ropes.

Oldfield said interface was intuitive and straightforward, adding that he was able to “get it” after just one try and that he has enjoyed experimenting with what’s possible on the machine.

“The label press gives us great flexibility to be creative and deliver a consistent product that delights the customers,” he said.

The Epson SurePress L-4533AW was chosen for its high-quality output, reliability, repeatability, and its automation. Oldfield said the choice of the SurePress made it easy for the business to incorporate the new machine in its printing fleet.

“It was virtually a turnkey installation that delivered sellable product within a week of being installed,” he said.

Alongside the reliability of the unit, Footprint is also reaping the benefits of the print technology and the wider gamut of colours (including orange, green and white).

Footprint sees the label business as a growing part of its print capability for the future, adding that being able to offer a local label printing service opens the way to a whole new segment of customers.

So far, Footprint have only used word of mouth and a few mentions on social media to market its new service. Oldfield has started a ‘wall of fame’ at Footprint with examples of its work to showcase its label capabilities.

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