Colour and finish important to craft labels: Prime Labels

Colour and finish are what customers value the most when it comes to standout product labels, according to custom roll experts, Prime Labels.

The company, which recently launched into the Australian market, conducted a survey into what customers want and found that 35 per cent of respondents said colour and finish are what matters most.

Prime Labels digital marketing manager Burim Ahmedi said the results reflect that although a brand name and brand identity is vital to conveying a product message, it is also the label itself that can be a potential purchase driver.

“Consumers value craft products often for the natural ingredients they contain and 83 per cent of those surveyed feel that the ingredients should be displayed on the front label of any craft product,” he said.

“If you’re a craft producer in Australia the market can be extremely competitive. Our research has demonstrated how important it is for companies to have additional knowledge on a label’s finish to ensure success.

“Prime Labels works to ensure that any brand we work with has a high-quality, premium finished label and we’re excited to now be able to offer our range to the Australian market.”

The results showed that 73 per cent of consumers agreed that a label has the power to make a craft food or drink product feel premium.

It further found that gold and silver are the colours that enable it to feel premium, with a metallic finish contributing to driving a higher price point.

Further, the research found that 35 per cent of consumers preferred a matte finish to a gloss finish (26 per cent).  However, only nine per cent felt that a transparent label was the best finish.

According to the study, 63 per cent of those surveyed associated a matte finish as being eco-friendly.

In terms of label materials, paper was the most popular for a craft food or drink label (55 per cent).

Sixty per cent of consumers said the information presented on the label is the most important factor, with more than half (54 per cent) stating that a square or rectangle shape was preferred on a craft label.

When asked to rate the importance of features on a label, 83 per cent said the ingredients and 81 per cent said the product description are vital. Country of origin came in third at 72 per cent and brand logo came behind them all at 59 per cent.

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