Esko announces new virtual series on packaging sustainability

Esko has announced a new program of informative virtual events focusing on a megatrend in the packaging industry – environmental sustainability.

“We all know that amidst political volatility and economic uncertainty, brands and their packaging suppliers are also facing increasing pressure to demonstrate their environmental sustainability credentials,” Esko director of marketing, industry relations and strategy Jan De Roeck said.

“As a result of global public concern, and depending on the market a business operates in, having sustainable operations has rapidly evolved from being a ‘nice to do’ strategy to a ‘must do’ critical demand. 

“These drivers of change – responding to consumer demands, and accelerating their own sustainability commitments – require the industry to deliver a wholesale shift in packaging design, development, and production.

“During this new series of virtual events, sustainability experts, thought leaders, and representatives from across the packaging industry will give their take on how businesses can successfully turn the sustainability dial.” 

The first event, on 18 October, will examine sustainable packaging trends expected in the coming decade.

“We’ll analyse the major drivers and trends anticipated to impact the development of sustainable packaging through to 2032,” De Roeck said.

“This will be followed by further events, looking at everything from best practice and how to integrate sustainability with other industry influences, through to real-world case studies showing how technological innovation has resulted in profitable solutions that also achieve environmental goals. Esko is excited to host this series to give its customers insights they can act on.” 

The series comprises the following events: 

18 October, 4pm CET / 19 October, 12am AEST
Sustainable Packaging Market Trends to 2032 

Analyse the major drivers and trends anticipated to impact the development of sustainable packaging through 2032. 

19 October, 4pm CET / 20 October, 12am AEST
Understanding the Green Deal – A New Best Practice to Achieve your Sustainability Goals 

Review the Green Deal concept and how brands are responding to market challenges impacting EU laws and regulations. 

20 October, 4pm CET / 21 October, 12am AEST
How Technology Helps Sustainability Initiatives Thrive 

Hear how CSW Inc. has leveraged technology to accelerate the drive to environmental sustainability, whilst enabling advanced levels of productivity and operational efficiency. 

21 October, 4pm CET / 22 October, 12am AEST
Balancing Sustainability with Other Packaging Trends 

Discuss the integration of sustainability with other industry influences, including an overview of emerging technologies in response to challenges, tradeoffs, and trends. 

25 October, 4pm CET / 26 October, 12am AEST

Sustainability: Headache or Opportunity? 

Esko provides an overview of its digital tools available to help you meet your sustainability goals.

Click here for more information on each of the events and to register.  

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