Epson leads the way in sustainable inkjet innovation at Labelexpo 2019

Epson has introduced its latest range of inkjet label printers for on-demand, commercial and industrial label printing markets at Labelexpo.

The first is the global launch of four new ColorWorks on-demand digital label printers (the ColorWorks CW-C6000Ae, CW-C6000Pe, CW-C6500Ae, and CW-C6500Pe).

These on-demand label printers extend Epson’s existing range and aim to meet the needs of customers across many sectors including food, chemical, beverage, horticulture, logistics etc.

The range includes auto-cutter models (Ae) and time-saving auto-peeler (Pe) functionality that automatically removes the label backing paper and can be integrated seamlessly into existing print-and-apply production lines.

All products support a wide range of shapes, materials and label sizes: the CW-C6000Ae and CW-C6000Pe can support media widths of 25.4mm to 112mm, and the CW-C6500Ae and CW-C6500Pe from 25.4mm to 215.9mm.

These ColorWorks label printers can print anything from tiny labels to large durable labels suitable for chemical drums.

Epson Europe product manager Adam Samuel said this media flexibility and on-demand digital four colour print, even with small label sizes, will make life easier for time-sensitive businesses with many SKUs to manage.

“We’re seeing people coming down from large production runs – either their production runs are getting smaller or they need that flexibility for smaller production runs, for example in creating limited edition labels or printing QR codes, etc,” he said.

“As the market is changing, we want to keep up to the customers’ needs and this range allows us to do just that.”

At Labelexpo, Epson also launched a new Epson SurePress industrial label press (L-6534VW) for label converters looking to expand their operations by offering high-quality self-adhesive labels with a wide choice of substrates.

The SurePress L-6534VW is said to be built to optimise productivity and minimise downtime with additional print modes of 30m/min and 50m/min providing users greater flexibility in delivering print runs without compromising quality.

It also launched two new all-in-one LabelWorks industrial label makers (the LW-Z5010BE with integrated keyboard, display, and Li-ion battery and the LabelWorks LW-Z5000BE for PC and smart device use) developed for those working in datacom, factories, construction, warehouses, and high-end electrical maintenance.

Both label makers boast a wide range of potential uses, that includes labelling for: patch panelling, cable identification, face plates, distribution boxes, safety signs, and product identification.

Epson Europe professional printing and robotics vice-president Duncan Ferguson outlined the company’s vision and strategic plan for a more sustainable and profitable future for the labels industry using the latest innovations in inkjet technology. 

“Inkjet technology has now reached a maturity where it can make significant positive changes to label printing, both on-demand and at traditional converters,” he said.

“This year at Labelexpo we are showcasing our comprehensive range of digital printing solutions including our latest products, proving again our ability to respond to customer demands for improved productivity without compromising Epson’s industry-renowned image quality.

“Epson’s SurePress and ColorWorks ranges are utilised worldwide by converters and end-users for the food and beverage industry… and further demonstrates Epson’s leadership in digital production for labels and packaging applications.”

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