Durst China confirms sales on first day at Labelexpo Asia

Durst, a pioneer in advanced digital printing technology, is exhibiting at Labelexpo Asia where it has experienced overwhelming popularity and success on the first day, marked by several signing ceremonies, confirming three upcoming Tau RSC platform installations in China.

Durst’s booth at Hall E3-M15 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre is a must-visit for industry professionals seeking the latest solutions, where a range of advanced inkjet solutions for labels, the industry’s revolutionary technology Hawk Eye, intelligent software systems, and sustainable LED ink set have all been unveiled.

Durst China confirms the upcoming installations of three Tau RSC platforms in China

What’s the value of investing in a Durst Tau RSC platform?

Stable Production Liberate Label Converters
In today’s market, a label converter must have tools and processes to quickly adapt to the consumption changes. You must be able to deliver goods in shortest times. So, stability and uptime are what converters should really care about. Durst Tau RSC platform, combining solid machine construction with state-of-the-art Samba printheads, proprietary electronics, and precise temperature control ensures converters getting the highest uptime possible

THIKZ Anti-counterfeit Technology (Su Zhou) Co., Ltd has purchased a Durst Tau 330 RSC E

Excellent Printing Quality Meets the Needs of Various Applications
The Durst Tau RSC platform gives converters an incredible experience, offering 1200x1200dpi, up to 95 per cent Pantone colour coverage, and a maximum print speed of 100m/min. Features such as high opacity, excellent light fastness and heat resistance, and low migration ink further expand the range of applications. Moreover, the wider print width of Durst Tau 510 RSCi, as well as Durst’s new In Mold and shrink-sleeves labeling solutions, open up more new business areas for converters.

Effective control of production costs and significant reduction in production losses
For enterprises, controlling production costs and reducing production loss is a point that can not be ignored. Durst’s help in this area is multi-dimensional. According to incomplete statistics, the ink consumption of Tau RSC is only 1/3 of the average. Easy use of the printer and system reduces operators’ labour costs. Intelligent automatic cleaning function reduces daily maintenance time and maintenance costs. More importantly, Durst has launched the revolutionary technology Hawk Eye system, which can correct print errors such as missing nozzles in real time without any setup or operator intervention, thus significantly reducing waste and improving print quality.

Shandong Golden Realm Industrial Co., Ltd. has invested in a Durst Tau 330 RSCi

Durability and value preservation rate highlight the cost performance
As a well-known global brand, Durst is most proud of its reliability and durability. Today, in the world, many Durst printers with more than ten years of service are still steadily creating value for customers. With the continuous growth of the year of use, the change in performance is extremely small, and the replacement rate of accessories can still be maintained at a very low level, thus improving the maintain value of Tau RSC.

Priceless brand added value
In addition to all the advantages mentioned above, a Durst printer from Italy will provide priceless brand value. Its appearance, brand heritage, and even the printer itself is a sharp weapon to build your own brand, widen the gap between your peers, and seek differential competition. Therefore, when planning an investment, the total cost of ownership is an issue that needs to be considered as a whole.

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