Durst shows impressive technology lineup at Labelexpo

Durst Group has gathered tremendous interest from regional audiences hungry for innovations and the latest technology developments in labels and packaging space during the recent Labelexpo Southeast Asia 2023 show in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Durst Group was one of the few European manufacturers arriving at the Labelexpo show with an impressive equipment lineup. The company showcased its Tau RSC E 330 5c press working in unison with the Durst printer-software ecosystem and providing visitors access to experienced industry experts.

The RSC E has been designed to evolve and grow with the business and is equipped with native 1,200 DPI resolution. It offers an economically attractive entry into successful Tau RSC technology. The printer comes fully equipped with Durst Workflow and Durst Analytics software and optional Durst Smart Shop software, enabling web-to-print technology (see the equipment presentation below).

‘We are people, and we like to interact with each other that’s why we have shows like this one. It is the first time I’m at the show, and I think it is going very well. We have seen a significant amount of people so far,” Durst global sales director for labels and flexible packaging Thomas Macina said. 

“I heard some statistics that only yesterday we have had more people coming through the doors than for the duration of the last edition in 2018. What surprised me is that we have seen printers not only from Thailand but also from surrounding regions.

“So, we met people from Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Uzbekistan. Converters from all surrounding regions are flocking here, and most of them are stopping by our booth. So, it’s great.

“I think we are the only digital inkjet manufacturer here at the show with a 1,200 DPI machine. I believe all visitors can see the difference in print quality between Durst and the other inkjet players. I have spoken to several visitors who have seen this machine for the first time and have questions. Some customers know us, already have an older version of our presses, and are thinking of an upgrade.”

According to Macina, some of the most prevalent trends and most often requested functionalities by the Labelexpo visitors are workflow and automation options. 

Durst is gearing up for an open house event to address those requests. The event – Beyond Label Open House – is scheduled for 3 to 5 May in Brixen, Italy.

Check out this Durst equipment presentation from Labelexpo Southeast Asia:

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