Detpak launches Australian-first sugarcane product range with no-added PFAS

Packaging solutions company Detpak has become the first Australian business to release the Vanguard range of compostable, no-added PFAS sugarcane plates, bowls and containers.

The Vanguard range from Eco-Products uses a unique proprietary formulation to achieve grease resistance without relying on the addition of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances).

“While understanding about the human health effects of long-term, low-level PFAS exposure is still developing, there is global concern about the persistence and toxicity of these chemicals in the environment,” Detpak product and brand general manager Keith Bishop said.

“We are working with our customer base on phasing out PFAS from their products and materials, and the introduction of the Vanguard range is a key milestone of our strategy in phasing out added PFAS from our entire product range,” said Bishop.

Vanguard is a groundbreaking compostable packaging range that is made from renewable moulded sugarcane fibre. Being first to market in Australia with this broad range of No-Added PFAS food packaging demonstrates Detpak’s continued commitment to sustainability leadership by providing innovative packaging for a better tomorrow.

“Being first to market with this broad range of No-Added PFAS sugarcane packaging showcases Detpak being ahead of the curve with the movement away from chemicals of concern,” said Bishop.

He said Detpak would be the exclusive retailer of the Vanguard range in Australia. “Detpak’s launch of the Vanguard range aligns with the group’s global sustainability targets, including increasing its percentage of products which meet or exceed APCO’s Sustainable Packaging Guidelines.”

APCO (Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation) CEO Chris Foley said the removal of PFAS from packaging was a priority.

“As Australia’s co-regulator for packaging, APCO, has been working closely with our members, including Detpak, to identify the presence of PFAS in packaging in Australia and, where it is identified, phase it out,” said Foley.

“The support of APCO’s industry members, including Detpak, is crucial to the success of this work and to the goal of eliminating PFAS in packaging in Australia,” he said.

The Vanguard compostable packaging range is currently in market and available throughout Australia.

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