CUB scraps six-pack plastic rings for cardboard

Plastic no more: CUB six packs will now be packed in environmentally friendly cardboard

Carlton & United Breweries has ceased using plastic rings for its six-packs with VB and Carlton Draught beer now being packed in cardboard at its Abbotsford brewery.

The brewer, one of Australia’s oldest businesses and a leading manufacturer, says the swap will save 25 million plastic rings from entering the environment each year and marks a major milestone for the company.

The move comes after CUB committed last year to having 100 per cent of its products in packaging that is returnable or made from majority-recycled content by 2025.

“The decision to stop using plastic six-pack rings is a major step towards achieving that,” CUB chief executive officer Peter Filipovic said.

 “Beer lovers can now enjoy their favourite beers from the can without worrying about their damaging effect on the environment.

“We’ve been around for 180-odd years. We’re determined to be around for another 180 and more, and our sustainability program is critical to that.”

The Abbotsford announcement follows the discontinuation of plastic six-pack rings at CUB’s Cascade Brewery in Tasmania last year.

The company has also committed to stop using 137 tonnes of plain shrink wrap each year on slabs of cans in coming weeks and swap to cardboard.


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