World’s first 5-colour, toner based tabletop printer


The new QuickLabel QL-300 adds white to traditional CMYK colours allowing users to print on any colour label material.

AstroNova has recently announced the launch off their QuickLabel QL-300 with the world’s first 5-colour toner based tabletop printer designed specifically for production label printing.

With the addition of white toner, the QuickLabel QL-300 goes beyond the traditional 4 colour printing process by adding white toner giving customers the ability to print white and CMYK in 1200 dpi high resolution in a single pass.

The benefit of toner EP technology includes label print that is durable, water-fast and UV resistant.

The QL-300 expands printing labels from traditional white or light-coloured materials to also include transparent/clear, black, Kraft paper, metallic, silver and gold coloured label materials.

Metromatics claims the AstroNova Materials Research Lab has tested and approved a wide variety of label materials from economic to premium, that are compatible with this printer.

Printing in full colour and white, the QL-300 was developed from the ground up as a full-production label printer in a compact tabletop footprint that easily adapts into the print workflow of any business.

“Because AstroNova is the only full solution provider in this industry, they have also released an updated version of CQL Pro, the industry-leading design software, to support the QL-300 and a broad range of new label media types.”

“By tightly integrating the operation of the hardware, software and supplies, customers are assured of optimal results and outstanding labels,” says metromatics spokesperson.

The QL-300 prints label widths ranging from 2.54 to 12.7cm and features roll-to-cut or roll-to-roll operation. With a built-in automatic cutter that allows for single-pass printing, label waste is eliminated.

The QL-300 also includes a free license to CQL Pro, QuickLabel’s advanced labelling software that allows users to effortlessly design, manage and print their own labels.


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