Ampersand debuts new aluminum bottle format in Aussie first

In the space of just a few years, independent Australian producer Ampersand Projects has exploded into the market. Its tripled sales year on year while building a cult-like following of some of the category’s most engaged consumers.

Innovation has led the way since the company’s 2018 launch by industry mates Alex Bottomley, Shaun Rankins and Marcus Kellett. The launch came with just a single eye-catching product, emblazoned with the iconic ‘&’ symbol the brand is now unmistakably known for.  It was the first unflavoured vodka soda RTD on the market that helped consumers replicate a favourite from the bar (vodka soda with fresh lime), or otherwise easily add whatever garnish they please.

This market-leading innovative strategy and unrivalled speed to market has seen the portfolio grow to nine products and counting. The range now includes Pink Gin Soda and Australia’s first no-sugar Pink Gin RTD, as well as other products across a range of flavours, spirit combinations and ABV.

And now, that innovation mindset is leading Ampersand Projects into another Australian first. This time, its with the debut of a new aluminum bottle format.

Bottomley said the recyclable and reusable bottles retain that same value of letting consumers add whatever they like, thanks to the bottle’s wide mouth. They stay colder for longer and are conveniently resealable, while looking extremely unique and attractive on the shelf.

“We are delivering a market first with this new aluminium bottle. The design stays true to our creation of the best looking brand on the market with our clean minimal look and feel. We have created a brand that people love to engage with,” Bottomley said.

The game-changer new RTD format is available now from Ampersand Projects. Bottomley said the 100 per cent Australian owned company with just three founding staff is expecting big results from the format.

“We are taking on the big global companies with a portfolio of local innovative products,” he said.

“We have developed a highly engaged and loyal audience of customers across the country. Our customers seek out our products, and when they find them, they stick with them. We rank number two in repeat purchase in the light RTD category making us a ‘must-stock’ in any RTD fridge.”

Ampersand Projects and its sleek ‘&’ products already have one of the most engaged followings on the market, being a leader in social media interactions in the liquor space. This appreciation is set to increase into 2021 and beyond; not only because of the increasing demand for sustainable products, but also because of the liquid inside.

“All of our products are sugar free and low-calorie, known for their simplicity adopting a ‘less is more’ approach. This is important as consumers continue to seek out better for you options and focus on health and wellbeing. We encourage consumers to add a fresh garnish such as a wedge of lime.”

This article originally appeared in National Liquor News.

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