AIP becomes a supporting signatory to the Australian Food Pact

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) has become a supporting signatory to the Australian Food Pact.

The Australian Food Pact is a partnership of organisations that operate along the farm-to-fork food supply chain and represents a major step towards the country reaching its food waste reduction goal of 50 per cent going to landfill by 2030.

It is avoluntary agreement that follows a proven international way of reducing food waste, focusing on prevention, reuse (donation), and food chain transformation and innovation. The Pact has four work programs: 

Target 1:Making the most of every scrap – by donating any surplus food or transforming it to create new business or societal value. 

Target 2:Designing and sourcing more sustainable products in the first place, with waste prevention in mind. 

Target 3:Producing more with less – making farming and manufacturing more efficient. Encouraging the whole supply chain to collaborate. 

Target 4:Raising awareness and changing the culture around food waste in businesses. Helping consumers to reduce food waste. 

“Stop Food Waste Australia welcomes the AIP to the Australian Food Pact and thanks them for their commitment to the bold and important goal of halving Australia’s food waste by 2030,” Stop Food Waste Australia chief operating officer Mark Barthel said.

“The Australian Food Pact is a voluntary agreement program that brings signatory companies, policymakers and industry bodies together to help tackle Australia’s annual $36.6 billion food waste challenge.

“We look forward to working closely with the AIP and their members as Supporting Signatories, recognising the important role packaging plays in reducing food waste and food insecurity.”

AIP executive director Nerida Kelton said becoming a supporting signatory to the Australian Food Pact is just another way for the AIP to continue our commitment to helping minimise food loss and waste in this country.

“The Institute is proud to be a Founding Partner of Stop Food Waste Australia and a core participant on the Fight Food Waste CRC and we believe that everyone has a role to play in raising awareness of the serious issue of food waste,” she said.

“Packaging plays an important role in minimising food waste and we invite all of our Members to join the Australian Food Pact so that the country can meet the 2030 Food Waste Targets. Please reach out to find out how you can become a signatory to the Pact.”

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