AIP to present at Food Loss & Waste Webinar

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) will be presenting at a webinar on 8 November around the topic of Food Loss & Waste.

The webinar aims to help members and industry colleagues better understand the 2030 National Food Waste Strategy, the roadmap to meet these targets, and how people can get involved in the Australian Food Pact, the Fight Food Waste CRC and Stop Food Waste Australia.

The AIP will also provide an update on the projects it is involved in.

Speakers at the webinar include:
Mark Barthel, chief operating officer, Stop Food Waste Australia
Sam Oakden, voluntary agreement manager, Stop Food Waste Australia
Nerida Kelton, executive director, AIP and vice-president of sustainability and save food, WPO

“Australia is a standout producer of high-quality food – yet one-third of all food produced is ultimately wasted. The Federal government is addressing this serious issue with the development of a National Food Waste Strategy to halve food that is going to landfill by 2030, the establishment of Stop Food Waste Australia and the recent launch of the Australian Food Pact,” AIP said.

“Working in collaboration with these programs is the Fight Food Waste CRC which brings together all areas of the value to chain develop, design, innovate and research ways to improve food loss and waste. The CRC provides the science-based evidence and research that the industry needs.

“Stop Food Waste Australia and the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre’s vision is an Australia without food waste.”

This webinar will also explore the key challenges and opportunities of reducing food waste in Australia, including the important role Save Food Packaging plays, the strength of industry collaboration through the Australian Food Pact, and the latest industry and research insights.

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